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News updates - March 1st, 2023:

The Vancouver Reptile Expo is just 6 weeks away and we are now looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out at the tables. If hanging out with us and learning about spiders all day sounds like it is something you'd like to be doing that weekend - please let us know! All pages have been updated, including some new arrivals, growouts and a few collection releases! A new Specials page has also been added for all of our discounts, including pair pricing, clearance items and our new "Breeder Packs"! This particular special includes 1 male, 1 female and 3 similarly sized unsexed specimens and is intended primarily for those looking to breed a particular species. Options are available to swap out the unsexed for extra Males (free of charge) or extra Females (charge will vary by species). You may also request vental sexing of the 3 unsexed spiders for the low cost of 5$ each to save time later on! =->

The Tarantulas and Other Spiders list has been updated to reflect several new spiders added from a collection purchase as well as some spiders we have been raising up to larger sizes or for sexing! This includes some species we haven't listed in quite a while, such as the Lowland Ornamental (Poecilotheria bara), Chilean Beautiful (Euathlus truculentus), Fort Hall Baboon (Pterinochilus lugardi) and several others. Check out the list for all of the latest updates!

Fresh on the Scorpion list are a new batch of Brazilian Bark Scorpions (Tityus stigmurus)! One of our personal favourites, these active, brightly coloured bark scorpions are communal and also parthenogenetic, making them an ideal choice for a communal scorpion colony =->

Our Cameroon Long Tailed pedelings (Rhysida sp.) are coming along very nicely and are group tackling mealworms and 1/2 grown crickets! The Isopod list, has also seen a few minor updates as a few have since sold out, but still have Cubaris sp. "Jupiter, "Panda King" and "Salmon" as well as several giant Porcellios, and a range of Armadillidiums. Quantities are limited on many of these, so get yours now while supplies last!

New to the Reptile list are Hypo-e Central American Hognose snakes (Xenodon pulcher)! This particular morph is darker and has much more black, turning completely black as adults! We have just one Calabar Burrowing Python (Calabaria reinhardti) left and this girl is an excellent feeder. She is frequently out and about exploring and will take thawed mice or rats, even from your hand! The Cameroon locale has much more red/orange than other locales and she is a very nicely coloured animal for sure. Russian Tortoises (Agrionemys horsfieldi) have run out, but we should have more ready to go soon and we are looking to rehome a couple of subadult/adult Hermann's Tortoises (Testudo hermanni) for those looking for something already a good size!

New to the Miscellaneous Goods section are new spiderling enclosures! These are available in 2 sizes (3"x3"x1.5" and 4.5"x4.5"x3") and come complete with substrate! We are also clearing out some critter keepers and will be offering these at discount pricing for pickup and air cargo customers. Though we can also ship these by mail, please be advised that the larger volume will affect shipping rates. Also new are reusable shopping totes at 3$ each or 2/5$. Measuring 13"x13", these polypropylene bags are over 4" deep (ideal for carrying deli cups at expos!) and strong enough for small grocery runs! We have also updated and streamlined the rodent pricing. We will be continuing to stock pinkie, fuzzy, pup, weanling, small, medium, XL, XL+, Jumbo and Jumbo+ rats as well as all sizes of mice. All other sizes will be available for pre-order only. ASFs will also only be available for pre-order, though we do currently have large in stock. Prices are now available for prepackaged lots as well and larger orders will be eligible for further discounts - please inquire when ordering.

Note to all postal shipping customers: We highly recommend FlexDelivery for all live shipments. This free service from Canada Post, allows customers to use their local post office to receive parcels, which reduces time spent on the road and eliminates the risk of boxes being left outside on a doorstep or in a community mailbox.

Having trouble finding a particular species? Try using your browser's find feature (F3, Control-F or Apple-F) and searching for the species name alone (for example, F3, followed by "verdezi").

Give the gift of spiders anytime! We offer gift cards! These can be purchased online with your credit card and gifted via email, printed out and mailed to your Arachnid-loving friends and relatives or even retained for your own use!.

We are always on the lookout for more Chelonian species! If you are a turtle or tortoise breeder, please contact us!

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Upcoming Expos:

April 15th (10-5) & 16th (10-5), 2023
Vancouver Reptile Expo
East Delta Hall, 10379 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta, BC, V4G 1K2)
Currently accepting orders for pickups and seeking volunteers for the tables!

September 9th (10-5) & 10th (10-5), 2023
Vancouver Reptile Expo
East Delta Hall, 10379 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta, BC, V4G 1K2)

More updates always underway!

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