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News updates - April 22nd, 2022:

The new shipments have now all come in and there are plenty of new and exciting animals (especially spiders) on the lists!

The Tarantulas and Other Spiders list has been completely overhauled (again) and recent additions include some great classic staples like Brazilian Blacks (Grammostola pulchra), Chaco Gold Stripeds (Grammostola pulchripes), Martinique Treespiders (Caribena versicolor) and many, many more! Also new to the list are some extremely rare spiders such as the Costa Rican Blue Front (Citharacanthus cyaneus), the Malaysian Blue Femur (Haplopelma robustum), Sarawak Blue Beauties (Birupes simoroxigorum) and even a couple of very rare species of Xenesthis!!! The Regal jumping spiders (Phidippus regius) are now breeding and we should have some spiderlings in the coming weeks ahead! These are one of the largest and most impressive jumping spider species in the world and are great fun to watch as they are not only diurnal, but quite active! Bold and beautiful with their great big eyes, these true spiders are dimorphic, with the females ranging from orange-red to nearly white with darker markings and violet chelicerae, while the males are boldly marked in black and white with metallic teal to green chelicerae! Burgundy Goliaths (Theraphosa stirmi) have been joined by their cousins - the True Goliaths (Theraphosa blondi) and the much prettier Venezuelan Pink-Footed Goliaths (Theraphosa apophysis). The latter are available at the incredible price of 150$ (or 650$ for 5) and are already very well started spiderlings at 1½" in legspan. More Socotran Blue Leg Baboons (Monocentropus balfouri) have arrived as well and are available in packs of 5 or 10 for those wishing to set up their own colonies! We are nearly sold out of Guyana Skeletons (Ephebopus murinus), but there are still a fair number of Emerald Skeletons (Ephebopus uatuman) left. We have already started sexing out some Brazilian Blacks (Grammostola pulchra), Cuban Purple Birdeaters (Phormictopus sp. "Blue"), and Gooty Sapphire Oranmentals (Poecilotheria metallica), so anyone wishing to acquire females of any of these species, please let us know and we will update you as they come available. Check out the new list for all the latest updates and be sure to keep an eye out for 3-pack or 5-pack discounts for those looking to raise their own males and/or females =->

New scorpions have arrived and we have communal starter packs of Brazilian Bark Scorpions (Tityus stigmurus) on special currently! Colourful and fairly active, this is a great species for making a scorpion community =-> Also new are Hentz's Bark Scorpions (Centruroides hentzi) and these are available in pairs for those wishing to start a scorpion breeding project!

New to the Other Invertebrates list are several species of centipedes, including the Cameroon Violet (Rhysida sp. Violet) and Patriot Crabs (Cardiosoma armatum). The latter are much more purple in colour than usual and almost look like a giant version of a Vampire crab! Many of the new Isopods have already run out, but we still have a fair number of Spanish Princess Isopods (Porcellio bolivari). This rare and beautiful species is almost entirely yellow and very easy to keep. As they are often seen wandering about the enclosure, they are a must for any Isopod lover! Check out the list for all of the other exciting new species! Also new are Eastern Bark Centipedes (Hemiscolopendra marginata). This is a new species for us, but they are quite pretty with pale bodies, dark borders and very short and thick hind legs. Non-aggressive and harmless, they make a great starter centipede!

Exciting reptile updates this month as we did get in some rare chameleons from Cameroon! The dimunitive Peacock Chameleons (Triocerus serratus) are absolutely stunning and the much larger Sailfin Chameleons (Triocerus cristatus) look like a Sailfin Dragon and a Chameleon had a baby! For snakes, we have added Calabar Burrowing Pythons (Calabaria reinhardti). The Cameroon locale has much more red/orange than their Eastern cousins and these are very nicely coloured animals. Please be aware that they are not for beginners, so be sure to do some research before considering starting a project with this species. Also new to the Reptile list are Cameroon Blue Caecilians (Herpele squalostoma). It's been a while since we've had these fascinating little guys and they essentially look like giant blue earthworms! They can be easily kept together and burrow in moist substrate, hunting for slow moving insects and earthworms and reach about 2' in length.

New to the Miscellaneous Goods section are new spiderling enclosures! These are available in 2 sizes (3"x3"x1.5" and 4.5"x4.5"x3") and come complete with substrate!

As everyone is surely aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of chaos in the last 2 years and has impacted the majority of businesses globally. While it has had little direct impact on operations here at Arachnophiliacs, it has had some impact on our shipping corridors. For air cargo customers, this simply means less frequent flights and in some cases, shorter warehouse hours for pickups, though there have been no changes in quality or speed of service. More than ever, we recommend air cargo for anyone that has the option to utilise this fantastic service. Canada Post and all courier companies have made changes to their service standards and processes, so we are advising customers to consider FlexDelivery to their local post office instead of door service as this reduces the amount of time spent on the road. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while going through these turbulent times and in the meantime, please stay healthy and safe and remember to use extra caution when in proximity to seniors as they are the most vulnerable to this illness!

We have finally updated some of the scientific names, including the revision that transferred several species of Brachypelma to the new Genus Tliltocatl. If you are having trouble finding a particular species, try using your browser's find feature (F3, Control-F or Apple-F) and searching for the species name alone (for example, F3, followed by "verdezi").

Give the gift of spiders anytime! We now offer gift cards! These can be purchased online with your credit card and gifted via email, printed out and mailed to your Arachnid-loving friends and relatives or even retained for your own use!.

We are always on the lookout for more Chelonian species! If you are a turtle or tortoise breeder, please contact us!

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