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News updates - December 11th, 2014:

Sorry for the delay, but Yuletide specials are back! 12 days of one day specials, counting down until the winter solstice! Each sale runs for one day and may be accumulated, but the hold must be placed within that date. To see these specials, visit our Facebook page.

Warning: Please be aware that a certain individual has decided to reserve the domain name "Arachnophiliacs.ca" in an effort to hijack our customers! Don't be fooled.. We are not in any way connected to this sham!

Tarantula and scorpion lists updated and a big update at that! A few new reptiles too, including a pair of Angolan Pythons and Burmese Mountain Tortoises, both very rare species indeed! Last expo of the year completed, too bad I couldn't attend in person! Next expo is January 25, so looking forward to a little break. The expos are a lot of fun, but a lot of work too.. We should have some exciting new arrivals fairly soon, so you know what that means.. If you are looking for anything in particular, please let us know!!!

Harpactira pulchripes are ready and running out fast! Many other species also running out, including the Bonnetina sp. "Guerrero"!! Only two pairs left, so get one while you can! :D The Schizopelma sp. "Colima" are temporarily unavailable while they are being sexed, but we believe we may have extra females! Keep checking in for updates on this stunning species! Rameshwaram Ornamentals (Poecilotheria hanumavilasumica) are also running low, but we are still offering a special on small pairs (2" - 2½") at $350/pair. This deal is not listed on the price list nor anywhere else, so let's see who's on the ball!

Some very exciting news for scorpion enthusiasts! In addition to the Black Backed Desert Hairy Scorpions (Hadrurus spadix), we've also had some success with the Mexican Dwarf Blacks and have produced some offspring: Another Arachnophiliacs' first! We are offering these for a limited time at $15 each, but please be aware, they are tiny!

The Haitian Goliath Ruby Red Centipedes have done very well this summer and we are nearly sold out! Crossing our fingers for some eggs too!! Yet another Arachnophiliacs first, this species can reach over 16" in length and nearly 2" in body width, making it even larger than gigantea or galapagoensis!! Take a look at our Facebook page to see pictures of a "small" one being handled (about 10")!! If you are a big fan of giant centipedes, this monster is a must-have! Get one while you can! :D

More reptile list updates! Burmese Mountain Tortoises (Manouria emys emys) are in! We've got a few yearlings of this amazing species and they are really something. They have very flat carapaces as juveniles, almost like a Pancake Tortoise, and beautiful, thick, dark green plastrons with faint radiating light green rings. The limbs are covered in spiky scales and their care is quite different from most other tortoises in that they require far less heating and lighting, being a crepuscular, montane species. On that topic, we've also started carrying mercury vapour lamps for proper lighting for all of your chelonians!! Well priced too at $70 for a 160-Watt bulb :)

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Upcoming Expos:
Unfortunately, there has been some trouble with fixing dates for the Ontario Reptile Expos, so be sure to check here frequently or call/email me to confirm!


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