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News updates - May 14th, 2024:

A new spider shipment has arrived!! A restock of some very popular species as well as a few new and exciting additions we've never had before! Still plenty of Dictator scorpions (Pandinus dictator) and centipedes, but starting to run low on some of the true spiders! Don't forget that we also have plenty of Peyote Cacti (Lophophora williamsii) for both pickup and shipping customers =->

The Tarantulas and Other Spiders list has been updated to reflect the new spider shipment. Many popular species are back in stock (versicolor, juruensis, cyaneopubescens, murinus, irminia, etc) and a few new and rare species such as Theraphosidae sp. "Kingfisher" and Thrixopelma sp. "Purple/blue"! Also recently arrived are Chilean Dwarf Flame (Homeomma chilensis) and Chilean Rose Hairs (Grammostola rosea "RCF"). We know that many of you have been waiting a while for these, so we brought in as many as we could =-D Many of the true spiders from the last shipment are starting to run low, particularly the orb weavers and Giant Ogre-Faced Spiders (Deinopidae sp.)!! These fascinating true spiders literally build a net that they stretch with their front legs to cast over prey nearby and can apparently "hear" insects over 6' away!! Also in are Cameroon Giant Crab Spiders (Barylestis occidentalis), Red Fanged Wandering Spiders (Piloctensu haematostoma) and Cameroon Mouse Brown Baboons (Hysterocrates crassipes). Eight-Spotted Crab Spiders (Platythomisus octomaculatus) are running low, though we hope to have some more coming in later in the year. These stunning little jewels are not only the largest species of crab spider in the world, but they are brightly coloured yellow with stark black and blue markings on the carapace, abdomen and legs!! They have massive heads to house their powerful jaws and are master assassins, waiting with their wide open arms to ambush prey that comes within range! Check out the list for all of the details!

Some really exciting changes to the Scorpion list too, most notably Dictator Scorpions (Pandinus dictator) have finally arrived!! Large and impressive, these highly sought after scorpions are difficult to come by and we've been waiting for some time! Available in a range of sizes from babies to adults, there are some for everyone! Baby Egyptian Deathstalkers (Leiurus quinquestriatus) and Asian Blue Forest Scoprions (Heterometrus cyaneus) are ready to go and we still have some Emperor Scorpions (Pandinus imperator) left as well, but these are starting to run low, so get yours while you can! Still have plenty of Desert Hairy (Hadrurus arizonensis) and Celebes Dwarf Wood Scorpions (Liocheles australasiae). These dimunitive little scorps are arguably one of the best beginner species there are!! Communal and parthenogenetic and looking like miniature flat rocks (Hadogenes spp.), they are active and social - a perfect species for anyone looking to set up a scorpion colony!

New to the Other Invertebrates list are some very rare and impressive centipedes, namely two forms of Amazon Giant Centipedes (Scolopendra gigantea)! These CB specimens are already adults and HUGE!! Cameroon also came with some centipedes (Rhysida sp.) and we still have some Malaysian Cherry Red Centipedes (Scolopendra dehaani) and a fair number of Texas Giant Vinegarones (Mastigoproctus giganteus) left as well! The Isopod list has also seen a few minor updates as a few have since sold out, but we still have Cubaris sp. "Jupiter, "Panda King" and "Papaya" as well as a range of Armadillidiums. Quantities are limited on many of these, so get yours now while supplies last!

The Reptile list has undergone a few changes, including some very rare monitor lizards such as the Gold Spotted Monitor (Varanus boehmei - one left!), Tricolor Monitor (Varanus yuwonoi) and Ackie Monitors (Varanus acanthurus)! Be sure to check out the new list right away as there has been a lot of interest in some of these and they are sure to go quickly. Still have a fair number of Caiman Lizards (Dracaena guianensis) as well, but these CB babies are very rarely available and are going fast. Feeding on chicken breast and hearts, eggs and frozen snails, these will be the last of the year and we guarantee the best price in the country!

New to the Miscellaneous Goods section are new spiderling enclosures! These are available in 2 sizes (3"x3"x1.5" and 4.5"x4.5"x3") and come complete with substrate! We are also clearing out some critter keepers and will be offering these at discount pricing for pickup and air cargo customers. Though we can also ship these by mail, please be advised that the larger volume may affect shipping rates. Also new are reusable shopping totes at 3$ each or 2/5$. Measuring 13"x13", these polypropylene bags are over 4" deep (ideal for carrying deli cups at expos!) and strong enough for small grocery runs! We have also updated and streamlined the rodent pricing. We will be continuing to stock pinkie, fuzzy, pup, weanling, small, medium, large, XL+ and Jumbo rats as well as all sizes of mice. All other sizes will be available for pre-order only. ASFs will also only be available for pre-order. Prices are now available for prepackaged lots as well and larger orders will be eligible for further discounts - please inquire when ordering.

Having trouble finding a particular species? Try using your browser's find feature (F3, Control-F or Apple-F) and searching for the species name alone (for example, F3, followed by "verdezi").

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